More than ever before, consumers want to be a part of a community. With so many opportunities to interact with fans of a product, the people who share their fandom, and the people who create those products, it is paramount that your community has a solid strategy.

Why use Mugen for your
community management?

We understand the culture and energy of western social media.
Ensuring your account is relevant and stimulating to the North American marketing ensures follower growth and reach.

Sometimes, mistakes happen. The fallout from miscommunication can not only be overwhelming, but also damaging to your product and brand.
Having a team to manage and placate a community reduced PR damage and promotes a responsive image.

An increasing community size comes with the challenge of maintaining responsiveness.
Having a dedicated SNS team to handle the expectations of the community allows you to focus on building and developing your product.

Having a consistent tone of voice across your media platforms is paramount to success in the West.
Creating a cohesive image that people can grow attached to and respect is what separates a successful campaign from a forgettable one.

What is Included

Proven Results

Another Eden:
The Cat Beyond Time and Space

Game-world content reflected and recreated in real-world contexts.

1 week engagement results:

14,270 people reached
1,728 engagement

Social media icons
Danmachi Memoria Freese

Popular culture references with community participation.

1 week engagement results:

43,336 people reached
2,994 engagement

Social media icons

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